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Learn about the Removals business by attending our one day training.


All our students come from different backgrounds so we personalize the training to suit you and your previous experience. Some people already have some trucking, courier, general haulage or even physical removals experience but... have no idea how to work out a removal quote or calculate the volume in cubic feet and quote accordingly for the job….


You will get training and information on How to Quote, Websites, Lead  Generation and much more… (Training’s are one on one or small groups up to 3 people).


You can be up and running within a couple of weeks with our ongoing telephone & email support as you start your new business. There will be many times when you feel you need to ask questions and we will be at the end of the phone ready and willing to advise and help.


You will obviously also need the right van, so please DO NOT just rush out and buy a van until you have been on the course or at least spoken to us on the phone. The wrong van can seriously affect the type of jobs you can take on and your income.


Trainings are in Plymouth, Bristol and Maidenhead and Cambridge

For overseas clients we have International Airports at Heathrow, Stanstead or Bristol.

We can also arrange for hotels and Airport pick up if needed.


The  Operations Manual is only available to people who attend the training course.






On the training day– you will learn


*  How to work out removal quotations in cubic feet or metres


*  How to get the job and beat any competition


* Advice on the right type of van to purchase


*  How to get return loads when doing European or Long distance UK jobs.


*  How to earn £250 – £500+ per day.


*  Why you should not get a van with a tow-bar or Tacho.


*  All about insurance.


* Copies of all our emails – Quotes – Initial Inquiry – Confirmation etc.


*  Where to get removal blankets, ties, webbing, boxes etc.


*  All about storage


* How much to pay your Part or Full time porters and packers


* Pros and Cons of Local Removals VS European removals


*  Learn where to buy the cheapest fuel in Europe


*  Learn the International routes to avoid the expensive French Tolls


*  The cheapest hotels to stay at and what you must have when driving in Europe


*  Learn how to generate the proper removal leads without newspaper advertising

   This is the most important aspect of the business


*  Learn all the secrets of the removal business that would take you years to find out the hard way.


*  Training on how to load, wrap and unload the van safely and securely


*  Your own .com or domain name (we will choose this together)


*  Copy of our Moving Checklist with your own business name and number.


*  Training on “How much to quote” if offering a Full or Part packing service


*  Your company listed in our association of partners –

   (You may want to link up with one of our teams for any large jobs you take on)


Get Started Now                       Removals Training Academy


Training Options

£55  -  One hour phone consultation 

           For people already in the game,  

           Ask me any questions you like.

           Let me help you understand what works

          and what is a waste of money.



£550 -  Training, Manual + Full Support

             This gives you unlimited email and

              telephone support for 6 months. We will

              be at the end of the phone whenever

              you have a difficult quote or need advice

              on any aspect of your new business.

       Live training via SKYPE or WhatsApp



£750 -  Training, Manual , Website + Support 

              This option includes a website with

              your own company branding and a

              .com / / .uk domain name.


You can easily recover your training cost in your 1st or second job.




£1750 - Full Training in Thailand, Operations

             Manual + support  


              After your training, you will have email

             &  unlimited phone support for 6 months.

             We will be at the end of the phone to

             help whenever you have a difficult quote

             or need advice on any aspect of your

             new business. FULL DETAILS HERE 

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Mark and Gary  – We have been in the removal game for a combined 26 years.

We have calculated that even if we only did 2 removals per week (many times we did 5 and even 6 removals in a week). That equates to personally doing over 2000 home and office moves between us over the years. So you can be well assured that we have come across almost every situation you may find yourself facing.


Why you need ongoing support?  


What you need to understand is that attending our Removals Training Course is only the beginning of your new business. There will then be many times when you thinking… “How do I quote for this job”? or “how do I work out the volume for this office relocation”? or “How do I calculate the fuel and how much to pay my helper on a run to Germany”?


Although we cover everything in the manual and a lot more on the course, people still have lots of questions when they get out into the real world of Removals and quoting. This is where we start to earn our money as we offer you the ongoing support by phone and email to give you the confidence to make the business work for you. This is very time consuming as some trainees call and email us very often during the first month.

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