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Tea Crate Hire


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Storage Solutions










Great company with locations in St Albans serving  North London and in Surrey for the South of London is Kellys storage as they bring the storage containers to the customers premises. You load and they come and take them away. Much better that taking the goods to another storage facility and taking it all up on trollys and lifts etc.


Training Dates

Training's are held on dates and locations to suit yourself and us.


Most days our trainers are busy on removals, so please send us your preferred dates and location and we can arrange a convenient training date.


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Dartford Crossing, European Motorways, European Tunnel and Bridge Tolls


Road tolls are in operation throughout Europe, they are an unavoidable and time-consuming part of your daily business when transporting your shipment to its destination. With Harbour Shipping’s toll services, we can save you time and money.


Toll services offered


Harbour Shipping Ltd offer various toll options to suit your needs, they can and willl help you to save time and money by using the automated barrier system, avoid the big long queues and gives improved security as they are linked to the vehicle.


Alpine Tunnels,  French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Belgium Motorways,  UK HGV Levy & Dartford Crossing,  Scandinavian Bridges