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What you are looking at here is a VERY REAL hands on business that can generate well over £1000 per week. You could make money driving with a Courier business or starting a haulage business but nothing comes close to starting a removals business in the UK.


All you need is the right van, be physically fit and have a partner to work with or you can employ part time - local porters (helpers) - we show you how.


As I was in the middle of writing this.. the phone rang again…

I have just  booked another removal for next week…. Hertford to Truro £895

The profit will be over £600 and although a long day, I am sure you will agree…………….

Most people don't earn that in an average week….


Last week, one of my trainee associates did two jobs in a day and made over £1200 (about £750 clear profit). He did a removal to London and made £400 and then in the afternoon did another very light job to Liverpool (£800)


Last week he worked 3 days & made £2100.



Before you run out and buy a van……


Let me explain... there is an easy way and a very difficult way to succeed in this game.

The difficult way is to think you can easily get proper removal leads (not man and van jobs) by

running a few ads in your local newspapers or magazines or using Google adwords!


They simply …do not work any more. 


Especially "Google Adwords Pay per Click" - Clicks will cost you £4 - £10 per click,

But I can assure you, a random click to your website will not get you any business.

Adwords will cost you £50 -100+ per day! You will be out of business in your first month.

This and many other lead generation methods will be covered in detail on the training day.

Most of them do not work, we will show you what does work.


Go ahead and try it ……. You will be wasting your time and money


Our training will show you how to follow our simple business plan and have a constant flow of qualified removal leads


A Few Testimonials


Hi Mark this is Mike Dean from South West. ( 28th Sept)


I would like to give you some feedback cause you really changed my life.  I was looking around to get my hand into the removal business and I was struggling because back then, I had no idea how, I didn't have any experience, in fact I didn't know anything.


So I searched online and I found this removal training company passing experience to those who want to learn how to get into the house removal business, and what I did was give them ring straight away, I spoke to  a guy called Mark and got to know him a little bit on the phone. I got all the information I needed about where he was based and how the training was done, so paid the deposit and booked a date.


It took me about 5 hours to get there and we started the training at about 9:00 o'clock and he explained how to get a removal booking,  where to get all the work, how much to charge for small and big removals in my area and removals to France and Spain, how to do the volume in cubic feet,  how to deal with customers and built me a website as well and also what kind of van do I need to buy for removal.


All this information for just a little money, and then I started my own removal business, so everything I needed to setup a removal business I got it from him. So far I have already done about 20 removal jobs, I was on holiday for two month as well so in 5 month about 20 removals so far and made good profit. I appreciate so much for your help and experience also if I need anything I just give him ring. Thanks Mark.  


From Mike  


Operating all over the South West




Great business, started just over a year ago. I only do the UK jobs (about 4 per week) In the average week I make about £1200….. We did a local removal this morning and was home within 4 hours total profit today was £375.


C. Markus –  Bedford.




“Started the business in Aug 2005 and my very first trip was down to Grenada in Spain with a return job from Benidorm. It took me 6 days and made £1600 in my very first job.”


M. Gates – Birmingham




I first heard about this business about 2 years ago and used to be a private hire cab owner. Best day was a run from Reading to Bristol - we made about £1100 profit after taking out the fuel and wage for my day helper (£50).

Best week has been about £2300…


G. Pope Maidenhead.








On 24/01/2017 19:09, George Soare wrote:


Hello Mr Mark,


It was a really nice experience and we would like to thank you.

Here you have a picture for your website.


Thank you mr entrepreneur.


Bluebird Removals (North London)



New banner

Learn all the secrets of getting started in the removal business

Trainee made £2730 PROFIT in one week


Norbi in Cambridge

Alex Easymove Team Scotland Meerkat removals in Cambridge Roman has sold this van  and is is now in living in Huddersfield Tim in Chesterfield boadroom-meeting1 one-on-one- 4629679958_209x158

Customer Testimonial


Hi Malcolm

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help on Wednesday. You both made the move go very smoothly and it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you had a safe, traffic free journey home. I will certainly recommend your services if ever asked to recommend anyone.


Many thanks once again.

Kind regards

Liz Asquith.


Thiago in Chesterfield now has 2 vans

Malcolm in Harlow

Alex up in Scotland

Roland in Ipswich



Typical Question from New trainees when they start to do quotes


Hi Mark,

I got a lead with a big list of items.

I think i would need 2 vans for this job.

Could you please calculate the volume? I am not sure about it.

I have quoted £650 – based on 2 men and 3 men removal service.


Many thanks.






Hi Mark,

Welcome back. My business is going well. Yes, I got the big job with a grand piano, it was a very long day and we finished 11.30 pm, because of we were waiting for the keys from 11.30 am till 16:30. I charged £200 extra because of the 5 hrs waiting time and on the top of that I got £300 tip. So end of the day I made £800 profit for removals + £150 for packing service. I made £950 for that 2 days so very good. But the piano is uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so heavy. I am doing home surveys every 2-3 days. Yesterday I got a job straight away after home survey…. I got 2 job in this week so far (Wednesday and Friday).  Yes, I got the Luton Ford Transit - van 2006.






UPDATE 3rd Dec


Last week Norbi did 8 jobs in total (a couple with us and the rest in Cambridge

and surrounding areas) Total profit for the week was £1200 …






Update 10th Dec (Norbi again) 


Can you help me out.. I am fully booked for this week and next week and had 3 jobs for Friday 19th Dec (one I am doing myself with my man and two others I give to other contacts and make commission) and now another big 60 cubic metre job want Friday 19th as well !  - REPLY – No Problem Norbi … I have quoted £1450 for the job and if confirmed will supply 3 vans with drivers but we are also fully booked for that week and waiting for confirmations.




Hey Mark                (Also Dec 10th )


My first week with the van I made £900 profit.. Please let me know when I can come down to help with more big jobs..








Hi mate


Thanks for all of those leads it’s much appreciated.

I have a shift tomorrow but need to ask you a lot about the quotes.

To be honest, I am struggling to get my head around a few things, especially the drafts (emails) etc. that you have made up for me, I really have to get around my complete lack of ability at using computers), what to write, even gauging the size of moves and costs. I will try and phone you tomorrow mate to chat.








Hi Mark,


Thanks for the great training last weekend. I was really fed up not being able to get the big removal jobs. I was working as a man and van operator for the last year. But since the training and showing me how to quote properly on the whole house removals, I got my first two van 28 cubic meters removal job booked for 3 weeks time £620. WOW it works and previously I was doing the same work (as a man and van operator) for only £250


Evan Davis