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Training Options

 £550 - Full Training, Operations Manual + 6 months support  

               After your training, you will have unlimited email & phone

               support for 6 months. We will be at the end of the phone  

               to help whenever you have a difficult quote or need advice

               on any aspect of your new business.      




 £750 - Full Training, Operations Manual + Website + Support

              This option includes a website, your own company

               branding and a .com / / .uk domain name.




 If you want to bring an extra person  - Add £200 per person.





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Testimonial from Trainee in Cambridge (Jan 2015)


I am so happy with this job. I have learned a lot.

Good money. I have been working every day from last friday.

On Saturday i got 2 removals. 8-12 pm and 12:30-2pm. £600 profit!! Within 6 hours. I could not believe it.:)


Last week i made around £900 profit (friday packing, saturday 2 removals, sunday packing job). Monday: £300- AA brakedown £240 Today: £250- £75 van rental fee.. I got a booking on: 8th, 16th, (my guys will do it, i am on holiday)


I will back on 22nd: got a booking 23rd, 30-31 January so far.

If this winter soo busy what will be happen in summer?;))

We are going for holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow.

Talk later, i have to go to haverhill to rent a van for today.

I got a local removal...


Thanks for your help and are my best teacher ever.




Compare starting your own Removal Business Set up cost from £5K - £10K +


To ANY Conventional business which will cost you  £30K- £100K to set up.


With removals you can make £1000 + pw and cover your training investment in your 1st week

and your van investment in a few months.


In most other businesses it takes 1 or 2 years to start making a profit !